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Check our Berlin Wall

Berlin is famous for its wall, and we now have our Wall of Photos tracing back the history of Labiotech. Great souvenirs and lot of motivation for all the steps to come!


Horizon’ SuperCell lines are ready to get to the Market

Horizon Discovery will trust Thermo Fischer Scientific for the distribution of Horizon’s X-MAN cell lines. Last year, the Cambridge-based life science company increased its revenues by 79% to €16.5M, compared to the previous year and this impressing growth is expected to continue during 2015. Under the terms of the agreement, Thermo …


So, what is actually Biotech?

Biotechnology is a broad domain, which includes numerous areas such as healing, feeding and fueling the world. Historically-speaking, the biotech sector started in the 80s with the discovery of gene cloning. The first “Biotech” ever born was Genentech (contraction of Gene and Technology), founded in South San Francisco, which successfully produced human …


Sartorius Stedim Biotech acquires BioOutsource

Sartorius Stedim Biotech (SSB) has acquired BioOutsource Ltd in order to expand its service portfolio. The Scottish privately-owned company has been operating in biotechnology since 2007, and turned over about about €9M in the last year. BioOutsource provides contract testing services to global biopharmaceutical clients in order to monitor the safety and quality of biologic …

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Another Partnership between Immunocore and MedImmune against Skin Cancer

Immunocore Limited, a world-leading biotechnology company developing novel biological drugs to treat cancer and other diseases, and MedImmune, the global biologics research and development arm of AstraZeneca have just entered into a second effective collaboration for a potential skin cancer treatment. It concerns melanoma which is a form of skin cancer that accounts for less …


Intec Pharma expects €140M from a mysterious Big Pharma

The Israeli company Intec Pharma has revealed that its negotiations with a yet-unnamed global pharmaceutical company may lead to a payment of approximately €140M. The deal is linked to Accordion Pill, Intec’s technology to gradually deliver oral drugs, consisting in a gastro retentive formulation composed of biodegradable polymeric films. Accordion …


Teva took the first step to get the approval of its new leukemia treatment

FDA accepted Teva Pharma’s New Drug Application (NDA) for a liquid bendamustine hydrochloride (HCl) rapid infusion product. The drug, developed with Eagle Pharmaceuticals is now waiting for the Prescription Drug User Fee Act (PDUFA), which is expected for December 2015. In the meantime, the Israeli company remains unstoppable after a great …

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Merck Serono bets on Oncology with the appointment of Dr. Alise Reicin

Merck Serono appointed Dr. Alise Reicin as Senior Vice President, Head of Global Clinical Development. The appointment is yet another example of Merck’s clear interest in oncology and immunology, two fields in which Dr. Reicin expertised. Dr. Reicin will also bring extensive research and early/late clinical development expertise to Merck …


Histalim, already 10 years committed for Histology

In the prestigious Fabre Museum of Montpelier (France), Thursday, April 9, 2015, Histalim organized for his birthday, an afternoon of table speeches around bioservices and also an evening with contemporary art exhibition and concert. Histalim, founded in June 2005, provides services around histology to different players in the pharmaceutical and …


Event Summaries


Behind the Scenes of Biovision 2015: “Global and Personalized Health: How to ensure a worldwide benefit?”

Over 1500 people from all stretches of the globe gathered on April 17 for the Biovison Forum. The Biovision forum is now in it’s 10th edition. It was with a great pleasure that I participated to the event. My first impression was that it was a huge event with key …


Exclusive interview with Didier Hoch, Executive Chairman of Biovision, the annual forum on future-oriented research in life sciences

Biovision, the annual forum on future-oriented research in life sciences organized by the Fondation pour l’Université de Lyon, is going to take place in a few days (on April 15th and 16th)! I performed an exclusive interview with Didier Hoch, Executive Chairman for Biovision, here are his answers. How would you …

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