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Pluristem accelerate its Cell Therapy program thanks to the EMA

Pluristem Therapeutics has good reasons to celebrate: its PLX cell program in critical limb ischemia is taking the fast line to the market. The program has been selected for the European Medicines Agency’s Adaptive Pathways pilot project, which aims to accelerate the access for patients to new medicines. The purpose …


Swedish BioInvent raised €8.4M to outlast one more year

BioInvent raised €8.4M (SEK 77.7 million) on the Swedish stock market. The research-based pharmaceutical company expects to use the new cash to hold on for the next 12 months as well as starting its Pase I/II clinical trial for TB-403, its pedriatic cancer candidate. TB-403 is a humanized monoclonal antibody …


Genzyme joins the never-ending list of Ablynx’ partners

Genzyme is joining Ablynx‘ partner list, which already includes AbbVie, Boehringer Ingelheim, Eddingpharm, Merck & Co, Merck Serono and Novartis. The Sanofi subsidiary now wants to try out the Nanobody technology of Ablynx against a target at the origin of multiple sclerosis.  Genzyme wants to investigate nanobodies against a target that specifically …


arGEN-X’ Antibody Platform struk a new Dermatology alliance

arGEN-X and LEO Pharma allied to develop innovative antibody-based solutions for the treatment of chronic inflammation underlying many skin conditions. The deal amounts to a total of €104.5M, from which arGEN-X will receive €4.5M as an upfront payment and up to €100M in royalties. LEO Pharma will receive exclusive access to …


Fluorescent antibodies to guide Cancer surgery

French oncologist SurgiMab has started a first-in-human phase I study for its molecule SGM-101 launched at the Montpellier Cancer Institute. SurgiMab is developing antibody-fluorochrome conjugates to be used as in vivo diagnostic agents in oncology. SGM-101 is a fluorescent conjugate that consists on a tumor-specific monoclonal antibody and a near-infrared emitting fluorochrome. Thanks to …


Will France become a leader in isobutene production?

Cristal Union and Global Bioenergies have formed a joint venture, entitles IBN-One, to build and operate France’s first bio-sourced isobutene production plant. IBN-One is a limited liability corporation jointly owned by the two companies. The two French companies already collaborated to develop the scaling up of the isobutene production process. …


The most effective Test for Ovarian Cancer raised €7.4M

Cancer is a devastating disease and, despite all the best efforts to develop new personalized medicines, too many lives end every year because of it. However, this trend might be about to change, after the latest study from University College London, published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology last week. …


Abivax seeks funds to cure Hepatitis B and HIV

Abivax has taken the first step to launch an IPO on the Parisian Euronext. The French biotech is focused on becoming a global leader in the development of anti-viral compounds and human vaccines to treat some of the world’s most important infectious diseases, including chronic Hepatitis B, HIV/AIDS, ebola, dengue …


Merus and Selexis awarded a €2.1M grant

Merus and Selexis have been awarded the EUREKA Eurostars grant “BiSECT” worth a total budget of €2.1M. The companies aim to invest the money to develop bispecific antibody combination products for the treatment of colorectal cancer. In the program, Dutch Merus and Switzerland-based Selexis will combine their unique and proprietary …


Event Summaries


Behind the Scenes of Biovision 2015: “Global and Personalized Health: How to ensure a worldwide benefit?”

Over 1500 people from all stretches of the globe gathered on April 17th for the Biovison Forum. The Biovision forum is now in it’s 10th edition. It was with great pleasure that I participated to the event. My first impression was that it was a huge event with key stakeholders …


Exclusive interview with Didier Hoch, Executive Chairman of Biovision, the annual forum on future-oriented research in life sciences

Biovision, the annual forum on future-oriented research in life sciences organized by the Fondation pour l’Université de Lyon, is going to take place in a few days (on April 15th and 16th)! I performed an exclusive interview with Didier Hoch, Executive Chairman for Biovision, here are his answers. How would you …

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